3 things what you can do in Tokyo street

Tokyo Street in Pavillion KL is symbolised by a huge red rattan ‘Tokyo Street’ signboard. I didn’t expect that i could find authentic Japanese food easily around KL. Also, to keep my daily lifestyle like how it was in Japan, i come here to buy my necessities from shops like Daiso and Haba cosmetic shop.


1.SANTOUKA Ramen(non Halal)
Originally from Hokkaido, SANTOUKA’s most popular menu is the Shio ramen(Mild salt flavour). As a northern Japanese, my regular dish is the Miso flavour. Usually in Japan, northerners choose Miso, while people from mid Japan’s favourite is the Soy sauce, and westerners would go for the Salt flavour!
All the ramen dish have white pork leg soup in it! Yummy!


2.Maccha HERO

Maccha Hero serves one of the best green tea ice cream in Malaysia! The green tea powder comes from Kyoto. Kyoto, the former capital of Japan with 1200 years of history and culture, is known for its “fine tea leaf shops” where many tea companies come for the top quality tea leaves. I really appreciate the fact that I can enjoy authentic green tea flavoured ice cream in KL!


3.Haba Squalane Beauty oil.

In Malaysia, it’s hard to maintain the powder foundation on the face, which is why i don’t wear make up regularly. However, by applying this product, i am able to keep my face moist and healthy. Produced in Japan, this product is made from 99.9% pure squalane oil. To find out more about the product, click the link below.


【Tokyo Street】
6th FL 168Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Official HP:http://www.pavilion-kl.com/content/precinct.php?precinct=tokyo_street

By Fumiko

Also known as the founder and writer of Malaysia Magazine which is most influenced online Japanese magazine in Malaysia. She is also known as DJ Fumiko in the MaTic FM radio program.

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