The easiest Japanese cooking recipe – Easy Miso Soup in 5 minutes-


Do you like Japanese food?  If so, maybe you are a lover of Miso Soup.. Miso Soup is a traditional Japanese soup and very common in among Japanese home dining.

Miso is a Japanese seasoning paste made of fermenting soybeens and salt. Miso have being used in typical Japanese food or cooking.

There are plenty of receipes for miso-soup. You can put almost all the things in miso soup as ingreditends. Today I will show you the simplest receipe I know. Enjoy!



Miso paste( including Dashi)
I used Marukome Boy Miso Paste(Contains Dashi Stock) 16.1RM(Kiara Mart)
Deep-fried tofu

How to cook.
1. Boil water in a medium saucepan.

2. Cut radish and fried tofu into small pieces.
3. Put fried tofu and chopped radish into the saucepan. Wait until it cooked.

4. Once radish is cooked, remove the saucepan from the heat.
Then add miso paste into the saucepan and stir until all dissolved.
5. Add more miso paste to taste if you like.

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(By Aunty Koko)

Aunty Koko is a Japanese writer & editor who lives in Malaysia for 3 years. Having more than 10 years experience as an editor for Japanese magazines, she also loves Malaysian culture and people.

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