Fishing trip to Laut Pangkor

Usually on the weekends, the big boys would get together at my place around 5 in the morning and head to a fishing spot.

One Japanese guy told me that fishing spots in Southeast Asia that are known for having “big fishes” can be a popular topic in Japan.

My only job is to cook the catch after♪!


To be honest, I have zero interest in fishing, but I love it when they bring back their catches!
Today’s biggest catch was a snapper.

Fish head sautéed with sweet soy sauce
Grilled Miso Rice Balls

Snapper’s scales are big and hard to remove. And it’s a really messy job if you try to remove the scales without the proper technique. The secret is, if you use a white radish, the scales would easily come off!

Snapper Sashimi.


When you eat sashimi, you would want to choose soy sauce + wasabi, or soy sauce + limau. Just make sure the fish is fresh and the bleeding stops in a short time while on the boat!

(Writer Fumiko)

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