Because I want Japanese to know more about Malaysia.

I look like a chocolate ball because of this shooting

Previously, I had a coordination work for one of the TV program production crew from Tokyo. This time I brought them to KL and JB. In Japan, Malaysia and Halal is one of the hottest keyword searched lately, so they came here to shoot for an introduction of JB and KL on the TV program.

Perbadanan Stadium is a memorable place for most of Japanese football fans, where they qualified for the first world cup in 1997, which is why this place is special for them until now.


Being able to go to special places at times is the reason why this job is special. This profound space is the Parliament building of Johor. It’s simply overwhelming.


From the top of the building, we were able to see Pinewood stadium. JB is big.

malaysia7 malaysia8

Everywhere I travel in Malaysia, I just feel “ I wanna be here.”

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