How to get a good internet connection in Japan

It is so hard to find good Internet connections in Japan.

Malaysia has more Wi-Fi spots around the country than Japan..There are very few Wi-Fi hotspots available at cafes and restaurants in Tokyo.


Even if you find wi-fi signs, it will be very difficult for you to connect..subscriptions with your home phone number is needed and directions are always in Japanese.
Here are some solutions.

1.Buy a pre-paid Sim Card
Those who want to use their smart phones such as iPhone, you can get a pre-paid SIM card in almost everywhere. However, bare in mind that most of the cards are only for Datas..not for calls. You can find pre-paid Sim Card in airports, electronics stores and so on.

Price rental 1000yen/7days~

2. Rent a phone or SIM card
If you need a phones which allow you to call, you can rent phones. Rental phones are available at some airports. In Malaysia,

Price rental 250 yen/ day〜+ call fee 80yen/min〜!rent–rate/cmvl
(This shop is in Malaysia)

3.Rent a Wi-Fi router
If you are traveling in a group, it will be a good choice to rent a Wi-Fi router. You can share the connection with your friends almost anywhere in Japan. Some companies will send rooters to your hotel. But better to arrange before your trip.

Price RM14/day~

4. Use Wi-Fi spots
Although it is quite difficult to find free Wi-Fi spots in Japan, free Wi-Fi spots do exist. If you travel around Tokyo, you can find free Wi-Fi(without subscriptions) in train stations. Tokyo Metro offers 143 access points in their stations.
Most hotels have internet connections as well.

(By Aunty Koko)


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