Let’s enjoy Japanese comedy in Kuala Lumpur!

Now you can taste Japan’s comedy in Kuala Lumpur, because Yoshimoto Kogyo, the biggest entertainment group in Japan, is in Kuala Lumpur with their talented comedian Yuichiro Kinjo.
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During his early days in Malaysia, Kinjo performed as a solo comedian and most of his shows were presented in English. Lately he has started to learn the Malay language, in order to perform in multi languages. Kinjo’s top management told him that he can never return to Japan, until he becomes popular in Malaysia.

Later on, Kinjo coincidently met a Malay guy named Saiful, who had experience living in Japan for almost 13 years. The guy who speaks fluent Japanese owns a recording studio, Indie label (FYI ENTERTAINMENT), organizes events for local and international artist and at the same time, he is a guitarist and vocalist for a punk band called Y2K and a vocalist for a metal band called CREATUFALL

Now Saiful is Kinjo’s partner and together with another local comedian Papi Zack, they are known as BLACK THUNDER. Papi Zack is a seasoned comedian with more than 8 years experience and have done comedy all over Malaysia, as well as Asia. The BLACK THUNDER trio was even sent to Japan, by Yoshimoto Kojyo, to participate in a famous comedy contest.



When Kinjo and Saiful perform comedy as a duo, they are known as BLACK TH. BLACK TH has been invited to perform live shows for corporate companies and have participated in few charity events and regular comedy shows in both English and Malay.

Recently, BLACK TH is very famous with their “cirit-birit” comedy performed in Malay which means “diarhea” and comes along with acoustic music. Those out there who would like to enjoy Kinjo and Saiful’s entertaining show don’t miss to catch up with them, as their gag will be your default setting for stress relief and make you laugh out loud.

(writer Amir)
A Malaysian who spent almost 5 years in Kyushu University, Japan during his study. After graduated from Japan, he worked with Japanese automotive industry, 3 years in Malaysia and 2 years in Thailand as company window person. Currently works as a Japanese translator and interpreter.

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