Japan didn’t used to be clean in 1960s.

Is Japan a clean country?
However, when we see this photo, we will find that Japanese manners used to be bad in 1960s.

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This photo was taken near Ginza in 1962. Photo from Mainichi newspaper.

Japanese were often blamed for their bad manners in those days.

According to an article in the Mainichi Newspaper dated the 16th Jan. 2016, Japanese travelers’ behaviors used to be quite bad, especially when going to overseas.

It said: some got drunk and annoyed hotel staff; some spat on a carpet or burned it by throwing away lit cigarettes; others slept on a chair in the hotel lobby, snoring.

These are how Japanese travelers were described in the Tokyo Newspaper published in 1964 .
In 1980s, many Japanese travelers went to Europe in a big group and bought a lot of luxury goods.
And most of them didn’t know how to behave property in prestigious hotels or shops.


Ginza were littered with trash 

In 1963, it was also reported that the streets in Ginza were littered with trash.
It is true…
When I was a kid, I saw a lot of men spitting everywhere.

Since local governments made a great effort to resolve these problems, things have been getting better nowadays.

The Mainichi Newspaper article



(By Aunty Koko)

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