Let’s enjoy Japanese fermented foods

Like other Asian cultures, most traditional Japanese dishes include fermented foods.
Yes, fermentation is one of the features of Japanese cuisine.

For example, Miso, Soy source and Tofu are made from fermented soybeans.
Umeboshi is sour pickles made of fermented plums.

Most Japanese use these ingredients every day, and nowadays these foods are common even in Malaysian supermarkets.

I’ve found Malaysian people love food with a strong smell such as durians and petai.

If you asked me what the most stinky food is in Japan, I would answer it is Kusaya without a doubt.

Kusaya is fermented fish which is a specialty of the Izu Islands.
Some people ferment even sushi, one of which is made in Shiga prefecture and called Funazushi.
I must confess I don’t enjoy Kusaya though.

By the way, if you are very brave, how about trying Natto?
Natto is very smelly, looks and is slimy and sticky.
If you are a durian fan, maybe Natto is worth trying!
You can buy a pack of Natto in the supermarket.
(Kiara Mart in Mont Kiara has a range of Natto packs).
How to eat?
First mix it, and add some soy source.
Then mix again, put it on hot rice and eat!



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