3 types of Japanese whom you might encounter in Malaysian restaurants

To the Japanese, Malaysian cuisines are quite exotic. The Japanese, whom you might encounter in Malaysian restaurants, fall into one of three categories.

1 Beginner
Firstly they may be a “Beginner”.
Some Japanese are quite conservative in their eating habits. This is especially likely for elderly people who seem reluctant to try something new. Even though they are in Malaysia, they only prefer to eat a familiar Japanese cuisine. Sometimes they will include extending their taste with some Chinese foods and Western cuisines. If you want to bring these kind of people to a local foods restaurant, Dim Sam is a good choice I think.

2 Intermediate

Secondly we have the “Intermediate” consumer.
They try a lot of local food and especially love Chinese. Typical Japanese people love Pan-mee and Bak-kut-teh. That’s why you will find a lot of Japanese favour a famous Bak-kut-teh restaurant in Klang. Prawn-mee is also popular among Japanese in KL. These are not so spicy, and tastes quite similar to Japanese foods. However, remember some of them still don’t like “very spicy” foods such as Carry-mee or Sambal.

3 Experts
Experts will partake of almost everything including Malay and Indian. They try local economic rice and love Nasi-lemak and Nasi-kander. Loving spicy foods, they will even ask for Chillibadi. However, I haven’t met many Japanese who like Rojak. Although, quite a lot of Japanese love Durians so much.

As for me, when I came to Malaysia I was a Beginner, then I adapted to Intermediate, now I find myself progressing to an expert already.

By Aunty Koko

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