Let’s cook Japanese rice without a rice-cooker!

Do you love eating sushi?

If so, you might be thinking of cooking Japanese short rice.

Unfortunately, we can’t seem to prepare it well by using a normal rice-cooker available in here in Malaysia.

However, I learned that it is easy to cook Japanese rice without a rice cooker.
Let’s begin.


2 cups of Japanese short-grain rice (Sumo rice or whatever you can find in a supermarket)
2 1/4 cups of water

You will also need a heavy-bottomed pot with a lid that fits tightly.

You can easily find Japanese rices in Malaysia! Sumo rice and Nishiki is easy to find.
This is long-grain rice imported from Cambodia. This is not Japonica rice but I discovered that it also tastes like Japanese rice. You can find this in TESCO.


How to cook:

1. Measure the rice and pour it into a pot.
2. Rinse your rice. Then drain it.
Repeat this step until the water becomes clear, which should be 4-5 times.

3. Drain your rice thoroughly.
Measure the water and add it to the rice.
4. If you have enough time, soak the rice in the water for 30 minutes.
5. Bring the rice to a boil over medium heat.
6. Once the water has boiled, turn the heat down to low.

7. Once the water has evaporated, remove the pot from the stove.
Let the rice sit in the covered pot for 10 minutes.



By Aunty Koko

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