Cherry blossom Forecast has been released!

People sometimes ask me when to see cherry blossoms (sakura) in Japan.
Japanese people follow the cherry blossom forecast by the Japan Weather Association.
Its newest forecast has just been released on the website below.
This shows you when sakura will start blooming.

It is starting in locations in the south like Okinawa in February, then continues in northern locations like Hokkaido.
The blooming period depends on the weather sometimes.
The Japan Weather Association expects the blooming will be a bit delayed when compared to the average year.
In highland areas, it will be late due to cold weather.

Fukuoka 24th March
Osaka 29th March
Nagoya 26th March
Niigata 4th April
Tokyo 26th March
Sendai 9th April
Sapporo TBC

This website got more details.



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