The origin of Hina matsuri

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The 3rd of March is a traditional Japanese celebration known as Hina matsuri (ひな祭り)Day. You may also hear it called the Girls’ Festival or the Doll Festival.

The origin of Hina matsuri dates back to the 11th century, when it was one of the five Chinese inspired Gosekku(五節句) festivals.

Nowadays, parents with girls eat some special foods, and display a set of dolls called Hina-Ningyou(ひな人形), representing the imperial court in ancient days.
The dolls are ornately dressed like the olden days in the Heian period and carefully placed on a special tiered stand covered in red felt.



The Emperor and Empress sit on the top of the stand, followed by three court ladies on the second tier, five court musicians on the third tier, then two ministers further down, with three servants on the lowest level.

We drink traditional drinks(Ama-zake). Ama-zake is a traditional fermented rice drink and tastes exactly like tapai. We also eat special crackers and so on, wishing happiness for girls.


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