Ask Malaysian! Why do you learn Japanese?

Hi! Here we ask three questions to a Malaysian who is learning Japanese.
Miss Lim Jeijuin is currently learning Japanese in Fuji Japanese School in Sunway.

Question 1) Why do you learn Japanese?

I learn Japanese because I have been interested in it for a long time.
The first trigger was probably my first manga,
Sailor Moon and also the musical.

A long time ago, when I was small, I couldn’t afford a Japanese manga.
All I can buy is a cheap print of Bahasa Malaysia language manga.
My first anime was also Sailor Moon(「セイラームーン」) and Dragon Ball(「ドラゴンボール」).
Plus, when I heard people speaking Japanese, I thought it was pretty cool.

Japanese seem very sophisticated and so polite to me.

When I had a friend who wanted to go to Japanese classes together I went along with her, and continue to go to classes even after my friend.

The teachers and the school environment is really nice.

2)How do you learn it?

I usually have textbooks from schools, but…reading those can be quite boring for long period of time.

So sometimes I read some Japanese manga, or watch animes. I researched whatever words I don’t understand. Before I went to school I watch animes. And Kamen Rider(「仮面ライダー」) and also musicals.

I research whatever words I don’t understand.

I like Ghibli(ジブリ) studio’s movies and  currently watching and reading Ansatsu Kyoushitsu(暗殺教室). I like the Yotsuba (「よつばと!」)manga. Easy for beginners.

3)What is your dream?

“I want to go to Japan and see the Sakura blossoms, the Sailor Moon musical, talk to Japanese people, and maybe I will go to a butler cafe.

I know a butler cafe (butler-themed cafes 執事喫茶) called Swallowtail, where the butlers call you Ojousama (お嬢様 e.g. my lady) and use Keigo(敬語 honorific language), and they sing too! Omg! How cool is that? They say the food there is expensive and I must book in advance, but it would be a nice experience!!”

Thank you Lim for your lovely story. I hope your dreams come true!

(Aunty KOKO)


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