The origine of Bon-Odori

Bon-Odori,(盆踊りOdori meaning dance) is a traditional summer dance performed during the Obon season. Obon(お盆) is a Buddhist event occurring around 15th August to hold a memorial service to the spirits of ancestors.


The origine of Bon-Odori

There are various explanations about the origin of Bon-Odori, but it is widely believed that around 500 years ago it was intended to welcome the spirits of the dead.

Eventually, the religious aspect has been lost.
For example, during the Edo period (17th to 19th Century), it became an event where boys could court girls as well.
It spread to all over Japan and changed its style from region to region.

Nowadays, Bon-Odori is recognized as an event to liven up summer festivals, and also easy to remember so that everyone can participate.


Any dress code?

Its choreography contains unique actions such as scooping coal or harvesting rice.
Although the choreography is basically suited for people wearing Yukata, there is no strict dress code for Bon-Odori, so another advantage is that visitors can happily join in with casual clothing.

For those who want to try to wear a Yukata(a kind of kimono), I will write an article next time.
If you know how to dance, it will be more fun!
Here are some examples which are danced often in Malaysia.


Bon-Odori Videos

Tokyo Ondo (Tokyo)
Daitoko Ondo (Tokyo)
Tanko Bushi(Fukuoka)
Soran Bushi (Hokkaido)


Bon-Odori in Selangor will be held on 23th July, 2016 at Kompleks Sukan Negara, Shah Alam, seksyen21.


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