Penang Yosakoi Festival is just around the corner

The 3rd Penang Parade & Yosakoi Carnival is just around the corner.


What is Yosakoi festival?

Yosakoi is a kind of dance festival inspired by the Yosakoi Festival in the Kochi region.
The word Yosakoi comes from “Yosari Koi” (夜さ来い meaning to come at night ) in old Japanese.

Its history is new compared to other festivals, as it started in Kochi town in 1954, then spread all over Japan and become very popular.
The dances are normally performed by a group, who select their own team dress code. Their costumes are vary widely and often they wear the same Happis or Yukatas.

One of a unique aspects of Yosakoi is the use of naruko, which means traditional small wooden clappers.
Narukos are ordinary used to scare birds in a rice field in Kochi prefecture.

Dances combine traditional movements with fast modern music, so their choreography is energetic and sometimes highly complex.


Penang Parade & Yosakoi Carnival

Penang Parade & Yosakoi Carnival, having attracted over 350 dancers and paraders, 70 stalls and 15,000 visitors during the day will be held this Saturday. Enjoy!

Saturday 12th March 2016 18.00-
The Esplanade,Padang, Kota Rama

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