[Super easy Japanese] Sumimasen (すみません)

Let’s use the most useful Japanese word.

If you are traveling to Japan, let’s use the word “Sumimasen”.(すみません)

It is a kind of a magic word you can use almost everyday, everywhere.
It means something like “excuse me”.

Like a casual apology.

However, most Japanese use this phrase quite often.
Here are some examples.

In a restaurant, you can call a waitress by saying “Sumimasen”.
If you want to ask for directions, you can use the word “Sumimasen”.
People will stop and listen to you.
If you have any concerns while you are traveling…….
You can call people by saying “Sumimasen”.
When you bump into someone, you can say “Sumimasen”

Let’s use it!

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