What happens when Japanese are introduced to durians?

There are two kinds of Japanese.
Some who can enjoy durians and some who can’t.

Although it is rare to see durians in Japan, durians are well known as quite exotic fruits, and are also notorious because of their “terrible” smell.

On T.V, sometimes they broadcast what happens when Japanese are introduced to durians.

At first, most Japanese can’t stand its smell, and usually they decline to eat them, and finally will reluctantly eat one bite.
This shows what happens when typical Japanese eat durians.
Here you can see Hikakin, the most famous Japanese Youtuber, trying his durian.

Hikakin said the taste is not bad, but the smell is awful.
He also said it is like Japanese natto, which you can enjoy only when you get used it.

However, once a Japanese come to Malaysia and get use to them, he can easily be changed into fanatic durian fan.

In my case, when I ate durians 18 years ago for the first time, I felt it was ok but not so tasty.
However, nowadays I find myself falling in love with durians.
On the other hand, my family still doesn’t enjoy them and complain whenever I keep durians in the fridge.


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