Halal Daifuku is now available in the newly opened AEON, Shah Alam

The new Aeon mall opened in section 13, Shah Alam.

The construction was ongoing at the moment. Meanwhile, I got a newsletter from the press release; it appears that I can buy “Halal Daifuku” from the new Aeon.
Daifuku is a rice cake that is stuffed with sweet bean paste.

The official launch of Daifuku is supported by JICA partnership program. Under this program, Japanese experts came down to Malaysia for the launch and trainess from Malaysia was given the opportunity to visit Japan through this program.

This means that it is not actually from Hokkaido but a company from Hokkaido cooperates with a Malaysian company on an OEM agreement. So, from now on I can buy halal Japanese sweets with a local price. How nice!


During OEM’s signing ceremony of Halal sweets, Menteri Besar Mukhriz welcomed the collaboration between the local and the Japanese company and expects the joint venture to bring in a good opportunity to provide local halal food in the international market.


There are 4 different flavours of the Mochi. (Redbean, Greenbean, Kaya, Greentea.)
KAYA too!

The outlet opened in March 10th. Cant wait to try it out…

By Fumiko

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