I went to Matta fair and it was fun to be there

Hello, my name is Kiku, I am 10 years old.

Today I am going to talk about Matta Fair.
I went to Matta Fair because my mom had work to do, and it looked fun, so I went there together.
Matta Fair is one of the biggest Asian travel fairs.There will be Matta fair every half of the year.

Matta Fair is one of the biggest South east asia’s travel Fair. Matta Fair is held every six months.

It looks like a big shopping mall and the Matta fair was held on PWTC convention center. It is fun to be there.

At first, we ate at the place where only the media’s person can go inside.

Then we went to the Japan booth which they were promoting about Japan travel. I saw a lot of Japanese there.

There was a Matic.fm radio truck too. I saw a mic and camera, but I didn’t know it could sleep four people inside!
My mom was shooting there.
You can learn many things at Matta fair. I learned about many countries and I felt like I want to travel around the world. Jom Malaysia!!

Writer : Kiku

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