What is Kafun-Syo?

Like the haze season in Malaysia, Japan has Kafun-sho (the pollen allergy) season.


What is Kafun-Syo?

It means pollen allergy, which causes a lot of allergic reactions like a running nose, itchiness of eyes etc.
Japanese Ceder or Japanese cypress are famous allergens.

For some people, the sakura blooming season is the worst time of the year.

Kafun-sho can be caused all the year round, however, from Feb.to May, the pollen of the most famous allergen, Japanese Ceder, is released.
You will see a lot of Japanese people wearing masks during early Feb. to end of May.


Some people will suffer a lot until they flee to another place like Malaysia to avoid it.


How to avoid it?

If you feel allergic reactions during your trip to Japan, try to wear a mask.
You can also buy some medicines in local pharmacies.
People who are suffering from eye problems can wear glasses.
Goggles are better but maybe people will stare at you as it’s not common.

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