Travel to Melaka

We travelled to Melaka by car hoping to find Japanese things.
This time, we were able to talk to someone who had experienced World War II. I had never heard this version of the story which is significant to Japanese history.

During the trip, I had a photoshoot with my kids too. Melaka is one of the most picturesque towns suitable for everyone.

There are many photo spots at every corner.


What I loved the most in Melaka was our stay at the world heritage house. It was such a special experience for our family.


In our country, as there are natural disasters such as Tsunamis and Earthquakes, we are unable to build a house made of brownstone. So we were able to thoroughly enjoy this heritage atmosphere!


This time we were able to find a lot of things related to
Japan. I can not wait to write about all this new stuff^^

I love Melaka!image011

By Fumiko

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