What makes Malaysia such an attractive location for Japanese people?

Why do so many Japanese choose to live in Malaysia?

Malaysia appears a most attractive destination for Japanese people.
Japan has been the top MM2H (Malaysia My Second home program)country since 2011.

The question on everyone’s lips is, “Why Malaysia?”


Well, firstly there is the fabulous climate of Malaysia, which appeals to the Japanese.

For instance, Tokyo is much colder in winter, while also much hotter in summer.
So many Japanese choose to flee their cold winter, to bask in Malaysia’s milder climate.


Malaysia is an ideal place to learn a lot of Asian cultures.

It is a highly globalized country, but at the same time, has cultural diversity.
A lot of Japanese people are aware of the importance of learning about other neighbouring Asian cultures lately.
Further more, it is easy for us to find Japanese culture here.


Overall, local Malaysian foods are quite popular among most Japanese people. There are a lot of fantastic restaurants everywhere. They love local foods and enjoying it everyday.

Some don’t enjoy spicy foods.
However, it is easy to find Japanese restaurants as well..and it also easy to find Japanese ingredients in supermarkets.


English is widely spoken here in Malaysia too.
Even though English is a second language for the Japanese people, as it is widely taught in Japan, many Japanese are familiar with it.


Affordable living cost

Another advantage Malaysia has is its affordable living cost. Although the cost of living has been rising in Malaysia, it is still very affordable when compared to Japan.



Also, there are good education options for the children. Some Japanese parents bring their children for education nowadays, as there are a lot of UK based international schools. Here children will rub shoulders with peers speaking many languages and have the chance to pick up the cultural awareness to communicate with many races of people.Their children can learn diversity and communication with other races other than English, which they can’t learn in Japan.



A most important reason to come to Malaysia for me is the gentle and welcoming nature of the people themselves.
It comes as no surprise that they are in the top ten countries for “helping a stranger” scored by the WGI (World Giving Index.)I also feel it in my daily life.


if we believe this survey, Japan is one of the world’s least charitable nations. It comes in at 102th out of the 157 countries covered.

Every country has good aspects and bad aspects.
Hope you understand why Japanese people might feel comfortable living in Malaysia.


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