In base, I’m whatever…

During these 4 years, I fell in love with this country.

In Malaysia, most people appear fun and kind, so in my case, I felt free to challenge something Boleh. As I have 3 kids to feed everyday, I do whatever I can do in Malaysia. I am a foreigner and life is difficult. In Japan, we are obsessed with learning about Islamic culture even more than the Olympics, so I must learn about it or experience it.


Basically, I’m running a web media targeting Japanese audience, and introduces Malaysia’s tourist attractions, business/investing environment, life, education, shops, and so on. I think I had forgotten to initially mention what I do…


Together, my husband and I joined forces with Mr.Amir (we call Amir san in Japanese way), as a DJ in Maticfm.


My husband is a movie producer when he was in Japan, so he is a producer in the radio sector too,


and Amir san is doing our business partner in Malaysia Magazine, and doing Bahasa Melayu tutoring in the radio corner.


I also have supporter, Saiful kun. He is a comedian, also guitarist a punk band; Y2K, event organizing…and so on. He is a multi-talent person with a lot of experience.


※The bald guy in the Center is not Saiful, he is a Haris Iskandar I think, and beautiful woman in right is Saiful’s girlfriend she is also an amazing singer!!

Last member is KL Kinjo. He is a comedian from Japan, and somehow he had decide that until he become famous in Malaysia, he won’t go back to Japan. Story sounds so old fashion so I like him hehe.


With the crew, I am introducing Malaysia to Japanese people.

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