A Malaysian comic writer, debuted and published his first manga in Japan

Do you know a Malaysian guy, who just debuted in Japan as a professional comic author?

His name is OTOSAMA.
He has just published his first book named “Saiyukin”, this March.

“Saiyukin” is a parody of ”Journey to the West ”, which is also well known in Japan.
So, he was introduced on a lot of media programmes in Japan, including the Japan news page, found on the Yahoo website.
I did an interview with OTOSAMA, via the internet, because he is living in Japan.

What manga or anime did you like when you were young?
What manga was the most impressive among them all?

“I used to watch and read Draong Ball, Digimon, Pokemon, Kamen Rider, Crayon Shin Chan etc.
I loved all of them, but I think Crayon Shin Chan inspired me the most.”

How did you learn drawing comics in Malaysia? Where did you get the materials for it?

“Like other artists, I’m self-taught.
I’m using a laptop and a Cintiq13HD for working currently.
It was a 6 year old laptop that I got in Australia.
The tablet was a prize from a Taiwanese comic contest last year.”

How did you know the editor in Japan and how did you debut as a professional in Japan?

“Before becoming a professional mangaka I have been posting my works to the internet for years. Saiyuukin became pretty popular in Taiwan, and I was scouted by a Japanese company Shiftone, who later introduced me to Kodansha.”

Are you writing your comics in Japanese or other languages?

”As you know, Saiyuukin is based on Journey to the West, which is a traditional Chinese literature that contains lots of difficult dialogue that I’m not capable of translating to Japanese currently.

I wrote some simple dialogue in Japanese, but most of it is in Chinese.
Then it is passed on to translators to be translated into Japanese.”

How is the life as a comic writer in Japan?

Currently I go to Japanese language school in the morning and work after school.
So it’s a busy life I must say, but also happy and fulfilling.”


Thank you OTOSMA! I hope your dream comes true!

(Aunty Koko)


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