Eating noodles with noises

Like other cultures, it is bad manners to make noises when you eat in Japan.

However, only when we eat Japanese noodles like soba, udon or ramen, we Japanese make noises; we may even “slurp” it.

Why do Japanese people make noise when they eat noodles?

There are various views why Japanese began this custom.

Some say in those days, common people were too busy to eat silently.
Others say it is the effect of Rakugo (traditional comic stories).
Some comic storytellers slurped it so that the audience could understand they were eating.

If you eat noodles silently, it’s also OK, yet some Japanese might think you don’t enjoy the food.
The slurping sounds show that someone is enjoying the noodles.

But don’t slurp spaghetti please…
It’s bad manners, you know.

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