My heart felt and utmost gratitude goes out to all the Malaysian people. Thank you so much

There was a strong earthquake on April 14th in the Kumamoto area again. Usually earthquakes happen more on the northern side of Japan, so I am very worried, that the people affected in that area were not prepared for this. This tragedy also made me remember the Great East Earthquake in 2011. My two children were still small and the youngest one was only a year and half.

Earthquakes are very terrifying, because they do not only happen once, but continue over and over again, until the earth stabilizes. After that there are the aftershocks, which might be as bad or worst than the quake.

Japan has many natural disasters and because of this, we made a family decision and decided to move overseas. This was the best way, that my husband and I could think of, to protect our children.

After researching and studying about Malaysia, we decided to move to Malaysia. I used to live in Canada and Thailand for a while, but Malaysia, to me to be more suitable for kids, and of course the standard of living in Malaysia is lower than Japan. I was also very curious and interested in Islam and Muslims, so Malaysia was the perfect choice for us.

Sorry I forgot the conclusion…
When I read a lot of news on the earthquake in Kumamoto, for the past few days, I saw a lot of warm comments from Malaysians.

We as a family find that Malaysian people are very kind and thoughtful and that is one of the many reasons, why we decided to live here.
Everytime I have a difficult or hard time here, I look at his picture and think of all the kindness we have received from you.

So once again, my family and I would like to say Thank You so much Malaysia


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