Let’s enjoy the Home Visit Program in Japan!

Fed up with sight-seeing and big cities already?
Then you might want to try the Home Visit Program.

What is Home Visit Program?

Through the program, you can meet a Japanese family and while you are there, you can experience the true Japanese culture and customs, and people’s lives.

Even if you don’t have enough time for a full homestay, it’s no problem.
They also have a Home Visit Plan for those who want to get better acquainted with the Japanese people, but who may have already booked other arrangements or simply don’t have much time.

The fee schedule

Home stay: (1-4 days/ 1 night, 1 person) 9000 yen (including 2 meals, No arrangement fee)& tax
Home stay: (from 5 days-/ 1 night, 1 person) 4500 yen (including 2 meals) plus Arrangement fee: 18000 yen & tax
Home visit (1person) 9000yen(including arrangement fee) -plus tax

More details..

For further information, you can also contact to A to Z language centre in KL, Malaysia.

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