Japanese or Malaysian people: Who’s the most patient?

In my view, Malaysians are hardy people.

I have always admired the Malaysians’ patience.
It is rare to see furious Malaysians in town.
They don’t lose their temper easily and they can wait for a long time.

I went to Johor Bahru for my work during the awful haze last time. On my return trip home, I found that almost all the flights were delayed because of the haze.

Though we waited for almost 4 hours in the airport, no one was upset or blamed staffs in the airport. The Malaysian people were just waiting and said ‘we can’t blame them’.

Even if a baby cries in a restaurant, they don’t get angry.

On the contrary, even though Japanese people are known for their politeness, they sometimes lose their temper very easily.

Nowadays, it is difficult to build new kindergartens and nurseries in Japan because residents often oppose them saying that the kids are noisy.
A famous writer got angry just because a baby cried in a plane. She could not bear the voice of a crying baby.

When trains are delayed because of a storm or big snow , you can see some of people, usually business men, are very upset. They blame the staffs of the stations with an angry voice.

That is why I think Malaysians are more tolerant than Japanese people.
What do you think?

(Aunty KOKO)

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