The iconic Japanese coffee chain “Doutor Coffee” is coming to Malaysia

Calling all coffee lovers. I am so excited!!

My favorite Japanese coffee chain, Doutor Coffee is coming to Malaysia!

According to Star online, the Texchem Resources Bhd. plans to open 35 more restaurants including Doutor Coffee, one of Japan’s biggest coffee shop chains!
As a coffee lover, I am so happy as I love Doutor Coffee more than the other coffee chains such as Starbucks, because of the coffee itself, which is a more American style, very light, not too thick,when compared with others.

Some coffee is too strong for me as I love American coffee without sugar in it.. although putting sugar in it is ok too..

I love the aroma of coffee best; it has such a delicious smell after a dinner and is so enticing.

I can’t wait..
(Aunty KOKO)

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