Welcome to Japanese hometown

Since my mom started to come and visit my family in Malaysia, she made one Malaysian friend, so when mom went back to Japan, she took her friend to our hometown.

Aomori prefecture is located at the northern tip of Honsyu, under Hokkaido.
May is one of the best season to visit there because you can enjoy both of sakura and snow at the same time!

My mom doesn’t speak English much, but it seems like aunties all over the world are OK hanging out with each other without language.

Anyway, when you go to Aomori, you take the Shinkansen train from Tokyo to Hachinohe.
It takes around three and a half hours to get there.

I heard from my mom that Christine, her friend, enjoyed looking at all the lunch boxes sold in each station.




After they arrived at Aomori, soon they went my home. I don’t know whether she likes the experience of normal life in Japan or not, but it should be a something different experience when compared with a normal tour.

Anyways, the first day, they looked around a wet market.



She is going to visit a lot of places, I am so exited to hear how was the trip.

Enjoy Christine^^


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