Malaysia: Top Destination for Shifting

According to a “Long Stay Destination 2015” survey published by the Long Stay Foundation in Japan, Malaysia was selected as the No.1 country 10 years in a row.
Their top 5 list is below.

No.1 Malaysia
No.2 Thailand
No.3 Hawaii(USA)
No.3 Australia
No.4 Philippines
No.6 New Zealand
No.7 Canada
No.8 Singapore
No.9 Taiwan
No.10 Indonesia

But why Malaysia?
Some say because of “no earthquakes, no typhoon, no Kafun sho (the pollen allergy)”.
Some people insist Malaysia is an ideal place for children’s education for knowing diversity of people.
Of course, there is a strong MM2H visa which allows Japanese people to live here for 10 years.

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