Authentic Rare Soba in Hakodate

There is a very cozy soba restaurant named Kanekyu-Yamada in Hakodate.
One of our readers, Mr. Azman Jamaludin san recommended it to us.
Wow – I found that this is very special!

◼︎What is Tsugaru-style soba?


Established in the 1920s, Kanekyu-Yamada has survived as a well known soba restaurant for decades.
There is a secret.
Not only do they make their noodles by hand, but you can also enjoy their very rare “Tsugaru-style soba”.

What is Tsugaru-soba?

It used to be a local food in Aomori, and it contains some soy; however, after World War II, it seemed to disappear until some people revived it in the 1990s.
Since Kanekyu-Yamada was established in the 1920s, they are still serving the REAL Tsugaru-soba. Their noodles are made from buckwheat harvested in Hokkaido only.

Ok…ask Mr. Azman Jamaludin san about the restaurant!


◼︎Must try their kake-soba!

The owner wakes up at 4 am every day because of her spirit to continue the family tradition of making soba for people.
One of the best sobas for you to try is the kake-soba, which is just a basic soba served as a noodle soup in a bowl of hot tsuyu topped with tiny sliced scallions.

On the other hand, one of the interesting traditions that we could observe from the restaurant is they served a special soba called toshikoshi-soba (from one year to another) at the beginning of New Year’s Eve, which is an old Japanese tradition from the Edo era that still survives until today.

Watch out with the operating hours of the restaurant: the restaurant will be “super busy during lunch hour”.

The restaurant is located close to the hot spots such as the famous Hakodate Mountain, Hakodate Townhall and Hakodate Bay.
You can ask for the guide from the shop owner to get directions for the surrounding area.
Don’t forget to experience the dancing squid dish because Ika (squid) is the icon of Hakodate.


Besides this, the shop owner can speak fluent English. Worth to try!


Name Kanakyu Yamada
Place Hourai-machi, Hakodate city(3 minutes from Hourai-machi station)
TEL 0138-23-4438
Opening hours 11:30~13:30
Close Saturday、the third Sunday

Kanekyu Yamada

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Kanekyu yamada
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