Malaysian lady has become a celebrity in Japan

Japan has many famous celebrities, but one of the most famous is a talented lady named Iris.
Iris is actually from Malaysia and since she made her debut as a talent in Japan, she became a host on one of the Japanese National TV’s variety programs, which is very popular amongst the Japanese people.


On the show, she hitchhikes all over Japan and reports about her journeys and experiences.
The Japanese people can’t get enough of her beautiful smile and her awesome attitude.


Iris’s popularity and attitude landed her a position as an ambassador of a cosmetics company called KOSE.


The people at KOSE loves Iris so much, that even after the variety program ended, she is still the ambassador of “Sekkisei”.
Iris is so talented, that from April 27th, she will make her debut as a singer as well.


Welcome to Japan Iris, your smile and your positive attitude is an inspiration to us all. Gambatte Iris, JAPAN LOVES YOU.


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