Japanese Cooking Seminar in KL!

I went to a Japanese cooking seminar yesterday.
This event was held by the Ministry of Agriculture of Japan in a cozy restaurant in Mont Kiara, KL.
A famous Japanese chef, Kimio Nonaga, conducted it.

At first, he showed us basics of how to make “dashi” (soup stock) and cut veggies.
Then he demonstrated cutting up a whole yellowtail and making sashimi and soup.
I found his way of using a knife was totally different from mine.

Actually, even though I am a Japanese housewife, I can’t do it like this.
That is why I can’t make real sushi by myself. It takes years of practice to be able to make sashimi like this.

It was interesting as he used local ingredients such as curry powder so that people can make it easily.

Of course we enjoyed the tasting session!


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