Kumamoto Earthquake Fundraiser Event


The major earthquakes that hit Kumamoto City on the 14th and 16th of April 2016 was the latest disaster which left a deep scar not only to the Japanese, but also everyone around the world.


This 7.0-7.3 magnitude earthquakes that hit the most southern part of Japan, have left 44,000 people without a home, 3000 injured and, 49 deceased. Now, among those innocent victims who are displaced from their homes are children, the elderly, the ill and the disabled.


Now, there are many Japanese and foreign aid workers and volunteers that are in the affected areas trying to help the locals recover from the disaster. And there are also some organizations in other countries that are giving their support to the victims.


One of these organizations is from Malaysia, which is called the Kumamoto Boleh! This local organization is handled by a group of Japanese who are driven to help with the cause.


To do so, they have organized a fundraising event on the 11th and 12th of June which will be held in Publika Shopping Gallery. The event will be filled with fun activities, and live performances by local and Japanese performers! There will also be a flea market! More of the information on the event can be found below.

All of the funds raised from this event will be used to give aid and support to the Kumamoto victims.


Even if you’re not looking to go for the event, Publika is one of the best places to spend your weekends! There are a wide variety of restaurants and cafes, each offering their own different cuisine dishes, accompanied by an environment where you can unwind yourselves from those busy weekdays! So make sure to leave your schedule open on the 11th and 12th of June to come here!




(Kumamon is the official character of Kumamoto Prefecture, and the most famous character in Japan. Kuma means bear in Japanese)


Kumamoto Boleh! donation boxes called the Kumamon Fund can also be found in most of the Japanese cafes and restaurants, and Japanese company canteens in the Kuala Lumpur district.


You can also send supportive messages to the victims, just write your message and include the hashtag #kumamotoboleh on Twitter!


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