Driving with Frustration

I was just randomly browsing through the internet when I came across an article by ExpatGo.com on their article titled “5 things you should know about driving in Malaysia“. One of the subjects regarding driving on Malaysian roads, which Expatgo.com was kind enough not to highlight in their article is how dangerous it can be to drive on the road here sometimes. Everyone who lives, or have even drove on Malaysian road for just a short distance know what kind of feelings one have to cope up with just to get from point A to point B.

I’m not trying to degrade Malaysian road and some of the drivers on it, I just want these people to understand that driving your “under qualified race cars” like you’re in a rally, this one very simple fact… you’re risking everyone’s lives who are on the road with you! And if the reason behind the need for you to drive fast is because you are late for something, then next time, all you have to do is organize your time right and leave early.

We have come a very long way from the Malaysia that we knew a few decades ago, before all these great infrastructures and long convenient tarred highways that have put our country into the “modern countries” category. From my understanding, with the word modern comes the word civilized, don’t you agree? Maybe we have grown smarter and more prosperous, but with some of the drivers that we see on the road today, it shows quite the opposite of the word civilized. This makes our country viewed as no better than some of the 3rd world countries with no proper road systems.

I personally think that, civilization grows not from the physical aspects of the country, rather it has more to do with the growth of the people itself. Civilization on road can only be achieved, not by the kind of car you drive, but how you drive the car. I think we have reached the stage where we Malaysians have to start growing ourselves not just by constructing the number of tall, high tech buildings to transition our country into a greater position in this world. I am pretty sure that other 1st world countries faced the same problems at one point during their growth, but i believe there is a time for everything to change for the better.

Maybe some of you will critic this article as a defamation of Malaysian drivers, but unless we keep on pushing this fact until it changes things, more lives will be lost. And this is unacceptable.


Khalid Takahiro

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