Experimenting Science in Schools

As someone who was never good with numbers, math class was something that i have always struggled with. However, Science on the other hand, well… although i was never good at that class too, i have always found the subject really interesting!


Yesterday, there was a video of a Japanese high school science project on Facebook that really caught me off guard. NEVER in a million years have i thought something like this was possible. But then again, with all the technologies and knowledge in modern science that we have now, are there anything in this world that is impossible for us to achieve? When i saw this video, i thought that i have been living under a rock all these time!


Anyways, the video started off with a bunch of high school kids breaking an egg and placing it on a plastic wrap that was loosely covering a glass cup. And just like celebrities in the program commenting on the video as they watched, i thought they were going to cook the egg “scientifically”. It turned out, one of the students said that they were going to turn the egg into a living, healthy chick! (The full video below)



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During my high school years, i have always thought that science class should integrate more experiments rather than reading materials. I still do! (Sorry parents, not trying to spoil your kids!). Not only that this method of learning captures the student’s interest in learning more, but learning with this method is just easier and better to understand. Sure, some part of learning science needs the use of reading material, and i’m not saying that we should throw away the books, but i think its better to have a balance of both theoretical and practical method of learning science! Apart from Japan, having been to a summer school in England, their country have already implied these sorts of learning strategies. And i believe there are a lot more countries that does this too.


I believe that not only Science should be the only subject that we need to integrate practical method of studies, but this method should be integrated for other subjects as well. Having been to an English summer school, they even had half the period of the English class going outside of classes, with us learning not just from books, but also everyday conversations and uncommon object names (when we see any).


When we learn things, should we just learn it? Or should we find the process of learning fun and unforgettable?


Khalid Takahiro

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