Sasuke of Malaysia

American Ninja Warrior is a famous television series on AXN Channel, a television series that is so interesting for it’s obstacle courses and funny bloopers! But did you know that this kind of tv series originated from Japan? They call it Sasuke.


Sasuke had their first debut in 1997. Since then, this kind of tv series have been created in other countries as well! Apart from television shows, they also have competitions and fitness programs with its obstacles based on Sasuke.


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There is one in Malaysia, which have been getting great reviews, called the Mad Warriors. Apart from their tough, tough, tough… obstacle course, it’s located in Gold Coast Morib International Resort, which is one of the few, closest places to Klang Valley that is by the sea.


Whatever it is, sign up for it! Apart from the fact that it’s going to make you buff and sexy (for the ladies), its going to be real fun! And who knows, I might see one of you there if you do decide to take up the challenge! (Yes that’s right, I will be participating too, even though i am in no shape to do this).


They will be having a competition soon (details in their website). Also check out their past event in the video below!



Khalid Takahiro



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