Hot and Rainy

It’s summer in Japan, and during the months of June and July, the country experiences rainy season. Although it doesn’t rain that much compared to Malaysia, it can get quite humid there. Apart from the rain, people in both countries have to go through the very hot temperatures. Mix both the weather conditions, we are prone to fall sick easier.


So here are some tips to keep us all healthy throughout the summer!


When its Sunny and Hot


  • Drink LOTS and lots of water. And when i mean water, i’m talking about plain, mineral water. Avoid drinks that are too cold, you wouldn’t want to end up with stomach cramps. Also avoid drinks with sugar! These drinks causes the body to loose more body fluids!


  • Keep the body cool whenever, wherever possible. Take a cool shower, stay indoors and if possible stay somewhere that’s air conditioned.


  • Keep it light and breathable! Wear clothes that are lightweight, light-colored and loose-fitting clothes. Your body will thank you!


  • If you must be out in the heat:
  1.      Wear a hat.
  2.      A pair of shades to protect the eyes.
  3.      Put on sunblocks with SPF 50 or higher. (I doubt lower SPF can protect your skin from the Malaysian heat nowadays)


When its Dark and Rainy


  • Keep Rain Gear with you always- For Motorcyclists, you should always have a raincoat tucked inside your seat. If you drive a car, have an umbrella ready in there!


  • Increase your Vitamin C intake. Either as natural form or as food supplement, it will definitely help in driving away the cold virus faster.


  • If you do get drenched in the rain, get into the shower as soon as possible! Rain nowadays are different from back then. Unfortunately for the younger generations now, they can’t just go out and play in the rain anymore. A shower will definitely protect the body from different kinds of infections.


  • Having a hot drink after a long rainy day sounds good! But it also help you from catching a cold or save you from catching any other diseases that can occur due to the sudden change in the temperature of the body.


  • Hygiene is very important. You should clean your hands regularly!



Lastly, eat nutritious food and exercise often. But try to exercise indoors or during the time of the day that is less hot!


Khalid Takahiro

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