Fasting in Japan

The month of Ramadan has come, and i wish to all my Muslim brothers and sisters to have a better and peaceful Ramadan this year.


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this month, Muslims all over the world would fast in order to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran (Islam Bible) to Muhammad (Prophet) according to Islamic belief.


Apart from our spiritual belief to practice fasting in this holy month, there are also many health benefits of fasting. Apart from weight loss, fasting is scientifically proven to improve the insulin sensitivity and speeds up the metabolism of our body. Fasting also improves your brain function and immune system. Fasting also promotes your longevity. And there are many more benefits of fasting such as detoxification of your body and the clearing of your skin.


For foreign Muslims that are going to spend your Ramadan in Japan, here are some the list of the mosques that you can go to perform your Tarawih (Tarawih is prayers that are performed at night in the holy month of Ramadan):


  • Edogawa Islam Bunka Center
  • Asakusa Mosque
  • Kamata Mosque
  • Tokyo Camii
  • Yokohama Mosque (Ja’me Masjid Yokohama)


  • Fukuoka Mosque


  • Kobe Mosque


You can visit this page to see the fasting timetable for Japan 2016 Ramadan:


InsyaAllah, with the help of Allah S.W.T (Islam God), all of us Muslims will be able to go through the holy month of Ramadan with ease, wherever you may be.


Ramadan Mubarak! (“Blessed Ramadan” in Arabic)

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