Natto and Seafood

After a week in Tokyo, I went back to my hometown called Tsuchiura and spent my new years eve with my grandparents and family. Tsuchiura is located in the Ibaraki prefecture located about an hour of train ride outside of Tokyo. It’s a small town famous for its fermented soybean food called Natto. Its like a durian, where some people really love it, while others totally avoids eating it. I personally love natto! I even keep my weekly supply of natto that I buy from Aeon Mid Valley or Jaya Grocer Empire Gallery when I’m home in Malaysia.


I remember every time I went back there, we would always go for an hour drive to a nearby town beside the sea called Oarai. It has become something like a family tradition. And just like the previous trips to Oarai, we went to a restaurant called Hamanonaya famous for its seafood. Apart from its exquisite dishes, the place has a vibrant, relaxing feeling accompanied by a beautiful view of the sea.




Apart from the seafood, Oarai is a nice place to take a slow drive in its town and by the sea.



There’s also a Kamiiso-no-Torii, a shrine gate that is perching on rocks on one part of the beach.


Apart from all these, there’s also the Aqua World for you to spend the day at Oarai! They have the most species of sharks displayed in the aquarium and also the largest sunfish in Japan!

I went back to Tokyo on my last few days of the trip to Japan walking around the city and doing some shopping. I’ve been to other places like Osaka and Fukuoka on my previous trips here as well. The things you can find here are countless, from age-old to modern, natures to concrete jungles. If there’s one thing that I hope in achieving by posting these articles about my trip to Japan is to share with all of you the experience that have I went through, seeing the beauty of the places, the cultures and its people.

Khalid Takahiro

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