Pedestrian Scramble

Shibuya Cross Junction is known as the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. During peak hours, there can be as many as 2,500 people crossing the road at the same time! What’s amazing is that although there are thousands of people crossing at the time, I was never pushed or clashed into by another person! It’s like there’s a natural systematic order on how to cross the road with the rest being unaware of how crowded the path can be!

If you’re looking for a place to rest your legs and have a cup of coffee, there is the Starbucks Coffee located at level 2 Tsutaya building with the best view of Shibuya Crossing.

Apart from the crossing itself, Shibuya is famous for its fashion scene. Apparently, it’s THE place for local fashionable teenagers and young adults. Girls, if you’re looking to shop for whatever it is your looking for, be it clothes or makeup accessories, be sure to check out Shibuya 109!

Other than that, you can just walk around Shibuya streets where you’ll find a few malls and many shops that sell high-end brands to sporting goods and even 2nd hand clothing stores.

Also, the Hachiko statue that’s right in front of Hachiko station that’s just right beside the Shibuya Crossing is one that you wouldn’t want to miss! This is the same dog that its story was made into a movie starring Richard Gere!

If you are looking for something like souvenirs, watches, etc., have a go at Tokyu Hands. Trust me when I say they have everything there! I bought an Ironman and a few Star Wars puzzle statue for my brother and myself there! Still a kid at heart when it comes to these kinds of things! Sections are divided by floors, with the whole building being only Tokyu Hands!


And lastly, for food, I would recommend Saizeriya Family Style Italian Restaurant for lunch. Although its “Italian Food Styled” Family Restaurant, their menus are all Japanese originals! To name a few great dishes are Mentaiko Spaghetti and Japanese style Hamburg with Rice!

For Dinner, try out the CoCo Ichibanya Curry House! They serve Japanese style curry rice. And their specialty is that you can order the curry, with the level of spiciness from 0 to 5, for your own preference! I gave level 5 a shot, and I couldn’t even eat more than 3 spoons of it, literally!


Are you into cheesecakes? Then try out Pablo Cheesecake! They have been getting really famous for their cheesecake this few years. Their signature cheesecake has a really thick cheese topping and crusted side which makes it different from all the cheesecakes I’ve tried before.


And if you’re looking for the best dessert, take a train to Akihabara and go to the Hanito Café. Hands down, whoever created this idea is the Da Vinci of desserts! Their menu is different flavors of ice creams, toppings and loafs! So far, in Malaysia, there are only two places that serve the same kind of dessert, Haikara Style Café in Aeon Mall Shah Alam (but only one kind of ice cream loaf dish, cinnamon sprinkled on vanilla ice cream loaf bread. Really delicious though!) and HarajuCube in Empire Damansara, which I have yet to try out myself. If you have tried HarajuCube before, Let me know about it!

Khalid Takahiro

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