Serenity and Antiques

Yoyogi Koen flea market might just be one of the best flea market in Tokyo.

You can find everything here, from antique cameras and watches, to vintåage vinyl records and tees, paintings and used clothings. Heck, they even sell World War II military uniforms too!

Located just outside Yoyogi Park, the flea market is packed with both locals and tourists. Whether they’re looking for souvenirs or just to see the varieties in the market, all had the Awe face look on them. If I had all the money in the world, I would have bought all the Vintage posters and collectables! The varieties that you can find here is just amazing!





Me trying out a World War II Japanese military long coat made of animal hide.

The flea market started in 1981. Few have claimed that it’s the first modern flea market in Tokyo. Other than the flea market itself, you can have a relaxing time in the Yoyogi Park!

You can find out about the schedules for the flea market through online.

Khalid Takahiro

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