Tsukiji Fish Market will be moving in November

Have you ever been to the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market before?
Tsukiji Fish Market, the biggest wholesale fish market in the world, is one of the most popular destinations for travelers.

The market will be moving in November 2016 to Toyosu, which is just 10 minutes away from the old place.
So, the famous tuna selling in the market will be seen in Toyosu after they move.
Although the inside market will move, the 400 shops outside of the market will keep operating their businesses at the same place in Chuo Ward, Tokyo.

Besides this, a new facility called Tsukiji Uo-gashi is opening in the existing Tsukiji market in October 2016, and 60 of the fish shops will be new there.

So even after the move, you can enjoy the market atmosphere at Tsukiji.
However, if you miss the old “inside” market, now is the last chance to see it.
The 2nd of November will be the last day for the old market…
Then they are moving to the new place over four days.
Plan and go until October 2016!

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