Visiting History

Kawagoe is a town that still retains its Kurazukuri (clay-walled warehouse styled) buildings that was created back in the Edo Period, in the years 1603-1867. Apart from the cars and the tarred road, you can really feel like you’re revisiting a period that has been long gone!



This was unlike any other town back in those days. Kawagoe was an important city to the capital for trade and its strategic purposes, supplying commodities to Tokyo. So much so that the Shogun during that time appointed only the most trusted men to be the lords of Kawagoe Castle.



The other main attraction in Kawagoe is the Kitain Temple, it’s the the only remaining structures of the former Edo Castle, making it one of the most important temples in the Greater Tokyo area.

Unfortunately for me, during my visit there, there was some maintenance work going on at the Kitain Temple and tents that were set up for New Years event at the time. But I am pretty sure they are done with the maintenance work now.





Khalid Takahiro

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