Check your soba allergy before you eat soba

One of the most common allergies among the Japanese is soba allergies.
They say when it comes to food allergies, soba is the peanut of Japan.

However, soba is rarely used in the other countries,
so it is difficult to know if a person has an allergy to the buckwheat noodle.

Even though most Japanese people are aware of the danger of this allergy, it is difficult to ascertain if foreign tourists have it or not.

According to the Japan times, an association of soba shops in the city of Sapporo has developed an allergy-detecting sticker for foreigners.

To check if you are allergic, apply soba-yu – the water that soba noodles have been simmered in – to the sticker and attach with the wet side to your skin. If you are allergic, your skin will turn red and the color will be visible through the clear plastic sections of the tattoo motif.

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230そば街道推進委員会さんの投稿 2016年3月15日(火)

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