Spoiler Alert! Just to give you a heads up, LEGOLAND Parks will be launching a LEGOLAND Resort and Theme Park in Nagoya, Japan sometime next year! And you can definitely bet it’s going to be one of the most awesome theme parks in Japan!

Just to share some personal experience, since the opening of LEGOLAND Malaysia back in 2012, the resort has been winning all kinds of awards. But more importantly, the reviews of the guests who have experienced the place have been great!




From my personal experience, the theme park was a blast! Now, I know I know, the theme park is meant for kids that are way younger than I am, but I couldn’t help but to enjoy the rides and attraction they had. Loved the roller coaster rides! I’m also a huge fan of Star Wars! They had a gallery of LEGO Star Wars in the theme park (There was a live sized Darth Vader which I loved the most!).




The Theme Park is operated by Merlin Entertainment, which is Europe’s No.1 and the world’s second-largest visitor attraction operator, having operations on 109 attractions, 12 hotels/4 holiday villages in 23 countries across 4 continents!

On the other hand, staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel was a great experience. Kids would love the rooms, where there are various LEGO models that’s displayed, with the walls and floors decorated to suit the young adventurers (they even have a treasure hunt game in the room).





Apart from this, the buffet serves all kinds of cuisines, from the well-known Arabic Lamb Mandi Rice, different varieties of Malaysian “Kuih”’s, Western style Lambs and Grilled Salmons and many more! But the surprising part about the food was that its standard was somewhat comparable to 5 star restaurants!




Lastly, the hotel staffs were really well mannered and trained. Throughout the stay, all requests were handled efficiently. But above all, they accommodate the hotel guests very professionally.

So do keep track of the progress of LEGOLAND Resort and Theme Park in Nagoya, Japan which is due to kick off in 2017!


(Khalid Takahiro)


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