Find your Yukata for Bon-Odori in KL

The Kuara Lumpur Bon-Odori is just around the corner.
Are you all ready for the big festival?

As you know, there is no dress code for the Bon-Odori dance.
However, its choreography is arranged for the yukata, which is a kind of kimono.
If you don’t have a yukata to wear that day, then maybe you can find one there…
Here’s the list below.

Wear a yukata and enjoy the festival to the max!

Buy yukata


Their Publika branch, Mont Kiara has some Yukata imported from Japan.


Find Japanese baby household goods in Paradise


Uniqulo sells yukata on their online shops (199.00RM-)


Use Rental Shops

Renting a kimono is a great idea if you don’t need it so often.
There are some rental shops which rent Yukatas in Malaysia.
Here are shops.

◼︎Koori no Ya


◼︎Malaysia Kimono Yukata Rental


The bon Odori in KL 2015

The origine of Bon-Odori


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