Unique Gym Chain from Japan

Bo’di:k is a sports gym chain from Japan which has 6 branches in the world.

It is specialized in personal training which is done
in a private environment with the Japanese trainers,
and includes monitoring your food intake.

Unlike the other gyms, their program is quite unique.
All you have to do is come to the gym twice a week for 2 months.
Training time is only 1 hour and they say it is enough.
Their one-on-one personal training, done in a perfectly private environment,
means nobody will watch you doing exercises.


You can dominate one room during your whole workout.

Mr. Hiroshi Hanyuda, director of the gym, is a former black belt judo wrestler.
The trainers are all from Japan as well.
DSC_0005 (1)
They will show you effective exercises that get results
so you can attain your desired body.
They will monitor your food intake as well through an SMS like ‘Whatsup’.

All you have to do is send what you eat to your trainer.
They will advise and help you to improve your food intake
and return your money if you don’t get results.


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