The Japanese food court “Matsuri” opened in Cyberjaya.

The Japanese food court “Matsuri”, has just opened at Gem in Mall in Cyberjaya on the 19th of June 2016, and it introduced authentic Japanese food.

Matsuri means festival.
Therefore, these restaurants have a kind of festival theme.


All the staff wear the Happi coat, which is the traditional costume worn during a Japanese festival, and the restaurants are full of lanterns.
There are a lot of menus like udon, donburi, okonomiyaki, and even hamburgers!


The prices are reasonable. For example, the Yaki udon is 11.80RM.(Regular size).
I ate their “Yakiniku-don” and was surprised by the taste of the Miso-soup.


It was fantastic!

The owner, Satoshi Tamada, used to own eight restaurants in Kobe last time.
After opening one in Vietnam, he decided to come to Malaysia to popularize and sell Japanese food at a reasonable price.


Gem In Mall, No.G02, G03, G04,, Ground Floor, Persiaran Sepang, Cyber 11.

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